What to do in Plaza Lagoi?

Plaza Lagoi is the only shopping mall located in the “heart” of Bintan. There is a complimentary shuttle bus that can take you to this two-storey shopping mall from Bintan Resorts hotel or Bandar Bentan Telani.

Restaurants, food court, money changer, mini-mart and retail shop can be found here. Food for hotel prices are usually expensive. If you are living frugally and want a meal for lunch and dinner that is 4x or more cheaper than the hotel price, then head to Plaza Lagoi.

In Plaza Lagoi, they have a food court called Food Gram. It is clean and has a modern look and colorful design. The food is freshly cooked and is served hot for the customers.

Nothing much to do here, but it is worth a visit if you intend to change money into Indonesian Rupiah or you want to purchase food with price way lower than what your hotel offers. Just a tip: if you are buying food here, make sure you have ample time to wait because the staff serve slow.


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