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Three places you should definitely see in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

My friend, Teacher Mae, is working in Indonesia. She played as my tour guide when I visited Yogyakarta. She brought me to three places which one should definitely not miss when visiting Yogyakarta:

1. Visit Borobudur, a Buddhist temple listed under UNESCO World Heritage.


There are two kinds of entrance fee here: one for the tourist and one for the locals. Tourist’s entrance fee is three times higher than the fee for the locals.

Teacher Mae told me that people in Yogyakarta are honest people. She once left her camera in Borobudor, but it was still there when she came back to look for it. Well, we tried to test if they really are! Teacher Mae was able to get the local fee because she was working in Indonesia while I had to pay three times higher than her fee as a foreigner. We asked around some local people to buy ticket for me so that I would get the local fee. No one wanted to grant our request. Until, we found some group of Indonesian students who were having their field trip. They heeded to our request. I was happy to have the ticket, then together, we entered the gates for the locals. But, that’s not how easy I thought it would be. They discovered that I was not a local. They sent me back to purchase a ticket and pay a foreign fee.

I salute them on that! They really are honest people for two reasons: no one wanted to buy a local fee ticket for me and they urged me to buy a foreign ticket instead of just permitting me to enter.

2. Hit Candi Prambanan! This is a Hindu temple, also listed under UNESCO World Heritage.


3. See a modern Javanese archaeological site popularly known as Ratu Boko.


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