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A psychiatrist’s mental health advice: Relieving fear, worry or anxiety

There are many reasons why people feel anxious or worried about something. The causes of worries and fears may include job loss, divorce or death of a loved one to name a few.

When experiencing fear, worry or anxiety, here are what you can do based on the advise of a psychiatrist:

Make all of your senses work. We have five senses which include the sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of touch. According to a psychiatrist, there are some people who put on weight when they are stressed, that’s because they make their sense of taste work. Also, to relieve your fear, anxiety or worry, you might want to make your sense of sight to work by traveling or going to places you have never been before or watch movies. For sense of hearing to work, you may want to listen to music. For sense of smell, you may want to inhale the aromas from essential oils. For sense of touch, you may want to get a massage. All of these you may do to relieve your fear, anxiety and worry. Find out which one of these works for you.

Problem and solution method. When having fear, worry or anxiety, have a quiet time to do some reflection or introspection. Take a paper and a pen. Draw two columns on a paper. On the first column, write your problems. Opposite of your problem, on the second column, write the solutions or the actions you will take that will help you solve the problem.

It is normal to feel anxious or be worried, but do not dwell on these feelings. Remember that we cannot control things, so we have to focus on the things that we can control. Also, remember that things are not permanent. Whatever challenges you have, these will pass. Additionally, when things go uncontrollable or overwhelming, be open to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist for professional help.

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