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Innovation Guidance Project 2016 – Water Conservation


It was 2015 when I submitted the project proposal to ECDA for Innovation Guidance Project 2016, and on the same year, it was granted! The project commenced on March 2016 and ended on October 2016. Documentation of the project was submitted on December 2016.

To start off the project, we conducted provocation with the K2 children through a storytelling. This was done to arouse their interest on the topic “Water Conservation”.

We, then, began to gather information to build children’s knowledge on water conservation. Activities include Kiddy Carwash, Field Trip to Yiu Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Water Filter, Water Filter Parent-Child Project, Saving Water at Home and Water Measurement.

To conclude the project and let the children demonstrate the things they learned, the children created posters, composed songs and led the Save Water Drive activity.

This Innovation Guidance Project has been instrumental to developing children’s scientific skills in our centre. The children were also able to advocate water conservation in their home and in their community through Save Water Drive activity. We thank ECDA for granting us fund to carry out this project!


Innovation Grant 2013

Teacher Sherilyn is the Project Lead Teacher of Innovation Grant 2013 entitled “Multi-group interaction and learning platform for kids: A supplemental teaching-learning tool to meet the learning needs of young children in the 21st century, delivering new teaching capabilities”. She works on the project proposal, implementation of the use of multi-group learning platform and assessing the efficacy of its use in the centre.

Edubuntu was introduced to Teacher Sherilyn in 2012 by Daniel Blueman, an avid advocate of open source software. Having seen how engaged the children were while learning, Teacher Sherilyn became enthusiastic in incorporating the use of Edubuntu in her lessons. She used this open source software to reinforce and assess children’s learning.



Edubuntu installed in our old computers and here are the kids working together to solve addition. This was in 2012.


After submitting our proposal, we received grant from the Early Childhood Development Agency to make the multi-group learning platform for kids.


The children has to be aware with what is happening around them. Here they are watching the news on MH 370 mishap.


One output of the children on what they think happened to the missing aeroplane.


Educational Suite GCompris has a lot of educational games that the children can choose from. Above is an example that can be played by the children to reinforce their Math skills.


Educational Suite GCompris has a game that will challenge children’s creativity to make music.


The children express their creativity by using Tux Paint to create an image.


The children explore the location of the different countries by using Marble application.


Hone children’s skills in Math using Educational Suite GCompris.


Let’s learn about time!


The children used Google Search engine to find out information about frogs.


Show your creativity through Potato Guy!


Develop your literacy skills through Kanagram.


After doing this project, I have seen how the children’s attitude towards learning has been changed. They become more motivated and engaged. This project also made me become a staunch advocate of Edubuntu! Edubuntu is open source software with various educational packages. Here are the reasons why the Edubuntu is beneficial in early childhood education:

  • It gives children opportunity to interact and develop with technology in a fun and engaging way.
  • It has educational applications that are used by the children to develop holistically at their own pace.
  • It will reduce the budget of the centre as Edubuntu is open source software wherein the educational applications are free of cost. Also, software or operating system updates are free of charge.
  • The use of Edubuntu will reduce educational gap. Commercial software is costly; Edubuntu is cost free. That means, Edubuntu can be used by everybody.


To read more about this project, you may visit You may also  contact Teacher Sherilyn for more information. She would be glad to assist.

Unleashing Children’s Potential through Public Speaking

A pose after the Singapore National Day 2013 celebration

Teacher Sherilyn is dedicated in enhancing the preschool curriculum. She introduced public speaking to the K2 children. This involves the making of the speech up to the delivery. The children did research about a certain landmark in Singapore. Then, they started to make their speech. Finally, the children started practicing how to deliver it in front of an audience.

Here is the video of five K2 children delivering their speech about the port of Singapore in front of their parents, teachers and friends during the Singapore National Day 2013.

Bonus: Watch their presentation as they sang “We are Singapore”.


Need help in designing or planning your curriculum? Contact Teacher Sherilyn.