String Art for Preschoolers

String art is a form of art that can be used to teach children about patterns and geometrical shapes. It is easy to make and invites children to focus.


  • paper plate
  • strings of different colors
  • one-hole puncher
  • markers


1. Make holes using the one-hole puncher around the paper plate (with centre hole being cut out).

2. Decorate the edge of the paper plates with various patterns.

3. String the yarns through holes.

This is how the String Art will look after. You can hang it on your door as a decoration. Screenshot_20180806-192717



Bored of doing painting, drawing, coloring or the usual arts you do with your children? Why not try printmaking?

Printmaking is an art technique of making prints. You can create print on a paper using any objects with various shapes and texture.

Here are the steps on how to do printmaking using string as a tool:

1. Prepare the materials that you need like paint, string, paper and magazines.

2. Soak the string in the water for half a minute or one.

3. Use two fingers to apply paint on a string.

4. Put the string on a paper in any design you want.

5. Cover it with another paper (magazine or newspaper) and press it as you gently shake and pull the string.

Remove the magazine, and there you will see your wonderful print design!