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Field trip to the Specialist Dental Group

Children learn best through real experiences. Therefore, learning about teeth is incomplete without visiting a dental clinic. We are thankful to the Specialist Dental Group for accommodating us in their clinic at Mount Elizabeth Orchard.

The children were able to see the tools and equipment used in cleaning their teeth. These include the dental air-water spray, mouth mirror, and others. Not only that, the children were also able to experience all those tools! That was cool!

After seeing the real tools, they were able to interact with the dentist who shared with them tips on how they can make their teeth clean. They did the toothbrushing and the flossing activities. It was explained to them that brushing teeth is not enough as there are still some food stuck in between their teeth. And so, flossing is needed!

The visit was enriching for the children as they were able to see the real tools! On top of that, this good experience removed children’s fear in seeing a dentist. Thank you, Specialist Dental Group!