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Donggureung Royal Tombs: A UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Korea

Donggureung Royal Tombs is located in the City of Guri, Province of Gyeonggi. Donggureung is the largest tomb in South Korea where nine mausoleums and 17 graves in total can be found plus the forest that surrounds the area.


The main point interest in Donggureung is called Geonwolleung Jeongjagak, which literally means T-shaped building. This was erected when Geonwolleung Tomb was constructed in 1408. Geonwolleung Jeongjagak is where rituals are performed for King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon dynasty.


When visiting Donggureung Royal Tombs, be informed that it is closed every Monday. The entrance fee is 1,000 Korean won for adults and 500 Korean won for children. If you want to visit for free, then target your visit to be on the last Wednesday of the month.

Regarding the operating hours in Donggeurong Royal Tombs, refer below:

February – May and September – October – Opens from 06:00am until 06:00pm
June – August – Opens from 06:00am until 06:30pm
November – January – Opens from 06:00am until 05:30pm

Note that the last admission to the Royal Tombs is 1 hour before the specified closing time.

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