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A coronavirus outbreak experience from China

We learn from the experience of other people. Here is an interview with a research chemist based in Suzhou who has experienced the coronavirus outbreak in China:

What did you do or what did you feel when you heard about the coronavirus outbreak in China?

At first time, when I heard about coronavirus, it was I think about 19th of January. So, it was about the time when the Chinese New Year holidays began. But at that time, we’re talking just, we heard about it, but we just don’t know what it is all about. So, and yeah, we didn’t have thoughts about that and we didn’t know how dangerous but very soon we realized that it might be maybe more scary than we thought. The last week of January and the first week of February were the most difficult because, at that time, the outbreak had begun.

The first thing that we learned to do was to wear a mask, I guess. But it was, everybody knows about it right now. At that time, it wasn’t very obvious. And for me, I also purchase the antiviral pills, so I began to take it everyday. Although, there is no accepted medicine against coronavirus. I thought it might be helpful, so for me, I think it was these two things. And the third thing is, just already when we’ve been quarantined – mainly be at home and just go out as rarely as you can. So at that time, I went out maybe once, once a day just to buy groceries.

How did you cope or how are you coping with this outbreak?

To me, I didn’t really feel the coronavirus, so to me I didn’t really think that the coronavirus can somewhere attack me. Even if it can, it will not really harm me. But my girlfriend was panicking. She was messaging me every morning when I’m at home and saying that she will buy a ticket for me for the airplane.

How is China now? What do you think is the most effective measure that China has done to overcome this outbreak?

Well, I think it is, one side has recovered but from another side, they are still crazy on some kind of precautions to avoid the second wave of infections. So they are still checking temperatures everywhere. Sometimes, you also as a resident of Suzhou, you have to have some kind of your profile in the form and you have to mark everyday how you feel. When you enter malls, sometimes they check this in your phone. Besides, life is back to normal. They have lots of people everywhere. But also another problem, I cannot really travel outside of the country for now, because once I get back, I will be quarantined.

(The most effective measure) they (the government) can lock them (the people) down for as long as they want. Basically, that’s what they did during the coronavirus outbreak. They lockdown people (in their house). So, I think, that helped. Yeah, so that helped in this case to prevent the virus from spreading. But besides this, I don’t think, something else here. Also, traveling restrictions, lockdown, tracking your temperature everyday, disinfection of whatever thing and (disinfecting) everybody, wearing masks. I mean, yeah, there are a number of measures that can be done.

What is your message to those people in other countries who are now experiencing this outbreak?

Don’t panic because panicking is contagious and it is very dangerous. It is actually more dangerous than the real coronavirus.

Based on this interview, how did China triumphed in their battle against the coronavirus? Lockdown, travel restrictions, temperature taking, quarantine or stay at home, regular disinfection and wearing a mask to name a few (well, more or less).

So folks, while at home, what you can do are: (1) to regularly check yourself whether you have symptoms of COVID-19. When unwell, consult a doctor; (2) if you have thermometer, check your temperature at least three times a day; (3) disinfect your house; and most of all, (4) stay at home.

To win the battle against coronavirus is everyone’s team effort. We can do this!