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“The Peace Book” by Todd Parr

“The Peace Book” is a book that talks about peace in a level that the children can understand.

Book Title: The Peace Book

Author: Todd Parr

Central Topic/Theme: Peace


Peace is may be an abstract concept for children. However, this book explains “peace” in children’s level. Peace is making new friends. Peace is saying sorry when you hurt someone. Peace is offering a hug to a friend. Peace is being different, feeling good about yourself, and helping others.

Questions to ask

  1. What is “peace” to you?
  2. What did the book say about “peace”?
  3. Tell me an incident where you showed peace to yourself, your friend or someone.
  4. What do you feel when there is peace?
  5. What will you tell others about “peace”?

Extension activities

  • Draw a poster. Using different art media, let the children draw their understanding of peace.
  • Create a “dove” collage. Inform the children that “dove” is a symbol of peace. Encourage children to create a collage of dove.
  • Do breathing exercises. Share with the children that they can calm down and be at peace when they relax themselves through breathing. Play a slow music and allow the children to breath in and breath out. They may also close their eyes if they are comfortable.