“Round is a Mooncake” by Roseanne Thong

“Round is a Mooncake” is a book that shows a bit of Chinese culture while at the same time introducing shapes to the young learners.

Book Title: Round is a Mooncake

Author: Roseanne Thong

Central Topic/Theme: Chinese culture/Shapes


This book shows the basic shapes and at the same time introduces a bit of the Chinese culture.

Questions to ask

  1. What are the different shapes found in the book?
  2. What “round” objects are shown in the book?
  3. What “round” objects do you see from your surrounding? (change round to “square”, “rectangle”)
  4. “Mooncake” is a famous food eaten by Chinese. Have you seen/tasted a mooncake before?
  5. Which country does the Chinese come from?

Extension activities

  • Mooncake Tasting. Bring mooncake with various flavours and let the children taste them.
  • Shape Collage. Allow children to create a collage using shapes.
  • Exploring a map. Let the children explore the map and find (the country) China.

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