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The Amazon River of Southeast Asia


Visiting the Ulu Temburong Park was the highlight of my Brunei trip. I was glad that I had the chance to see this best attraction in Brunei. Ulu Temburong Park is the first national park in Brunei. It is protected and preserved for scientific research and low-impact visitors.


To reach the park, we had to take a speedboat from Bandar Seri Begawan and travel along the Brunei Bay area. We stopped at Bangar Temburong Town and took a road trip to Batang Duri. We then rode a long tail boat that traversed Temburong River. Traveling across the Temburong River felt like having the Amazon River experience. The long tail boat brought us to the entrance of the national park.


From the entrance, we trekked into the pristine rainforest and reached the canopy base. We took the stairs and managed to reach the canopy walkways. On top, you would have a better opportunity to observe the perfect view of the forest.


Overall, I never regret my travel to Brunei. It was a wondrous experience to join the day adventure to Ulu Temburong Park. I met great people during my trip. Aside from that, I had undergone an extraordinary escapade that was worth remembering!


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