Toran Making for Preschool Children

Toran is from the Hindu culture. It is a decorative element that they hang in their doors during festivals and weddings. They adorn their homes with it to attract Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Here are simple steps on how you can make a toran with your preschool children:


  • string
  • colored paper


  • Cut a semi-circle shape. 20181116_122555.jpg
  • Cut a “flame-like” shape. Screenshot_20181117-113415.jpg
  • Fold them into two equal parts. Stick two semi-circle shapes together, and put the string in the middle. Screenshot_20181117-113403.jpg
  • Use the third semi-circle to cover the string. Screenshot_20181117-113351.jpg
  • Repeat the same steps for the flame: Stick two “flame-like” shapes together and paste it closer to the semi-circle shape to create an image of a lamp with a light.
  • Paste the third “flame-like” shape to cover the string. Screenshot_20181117-113247.jpg
  • Do many of these “lamps” and stick them on a string. 20181116_123312.jpg
  • Now, you have your toran. Hang it on your wall and be ready to welcome the goddess of wealth! 20181117_113549.jpg

Easy steps to make a toran with your children! Have fun!

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