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What you need to know about insurance: Hear it straight from a Financial Advisor

One of the tips given by financial gurus on increasing wealth is getting an insurance. It is with great pride to introduce to you our guest to tell us more information about insurance!

Our Guest


Our guest is Mr Moses Oh, a financial advisor from Virtus Organization (subsidiary group under AIA Singapore). Moses started as a personal banker in UOB in 2011. In 2014, he joined DBS as a Bancassurance Specialist. Then, in 2016, he joined AIA as a Financial Services Consultant.

The Interview

What are the different kinds of insurance?

In a very organized manner, Moses illustrated the various types of insurance through a pyramid. Insurance is categorized into three: (1) health; (2) wealth; and, (3) legacy. In the above video, he explained the differences between these three types.

What kind of insurance should everyone have?

Moses clearly points out that each individual differs in the type of insurance that he/she should get. The type of insurance that one should obtain depends on which life stage (e.g. single, married, with children, retiree) he/she is in.

At what age it is recommended for someone to get an insurance?

According to Moses, it is good to get an insurance right after your child is born. Then, you may ask your child to continue the payment once he/she starts working.

For the many years that you have been working as a Financial Services Consultant, can you share with us a story that made you realize how important insurance is?

Moses has shared how insurance helped his client who was in comatose after delivering her child. In addition, Moses gave a sound advice for everyone to have a trusted financial advisor who can explain the terms and conditions of the insurance bought so that you are aware which can be claimed and which cannot be claimed.

You worked in a bank before and now in an insurance company, you are knowledgeable when it comes to handling money. What money tips can you give to those people who want to increase their wealth?

To increase your wealth, Moses said that it depends on your “risk appetite”. He advised people to go for savings plan, which gives a “slow but steady” returns. On the other hand, if you are a little bit “hungrier”, then you may go for some investments (stocks, forex, bitcoins). However, in investments, he gave a precaution that it is not only the best scenario that you should look at, but also the worst case scenario.


To conclude, insurance is a big help to protect our self, our money and our family. Everyone should get an insurance and it is good to get a trusted financial advisor who can explain to you the terms and conditions of the insurance you bought.

Thank you for reading! May you have acquired new insight from this post!

In case you have further queries about insurance, you may contact Moses via email ( or phone (6579 5862).