“My Name is Not Refugee” by Kate Milner

“My Name is Not Refugee” is a book that introduces the concept of refugee to young readers.

Book Title: My Name is Not Refugee

Author: Kate Milner

Central Topic/Theme: Refugee/Migration


The little boy left his town with his mother because their place is not safe anymore.

Questions to ask

  1. What do you mean by “refugee”?
  2. Why did they leave their place?
  3. Where do you think they are going?
  4. What would you feel if you are in a different place?
  5. How would you help or what would you do if this boy went to your place?

Extension activities

  • Drawing. Draw how would you help refugees if they went to your place.
  • Art and Craft. Create something (e.g. bracelet, necklace, etc) that you would want to give to a refugee.
  • Exploring a map. Through a map, let the children locate where refugees come from and where they are going. For example, locate Ukraine and Poland (Ukrainians flew to Poland) in the map.

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