About Teacher Sherilyn


Teacher Sherilyn is a passionate and dedicated teacher who spends her time looking for new solutions and ideas to uplift the quality of early childhood education. She believes that the society should lay better foundation as early as preschool age because this will have greater return in the future. The earlier we start inculcating good values and developing their mind and character, the better our world will be later on.

With technology becoming ubiquitous, Teacher Sherilyn is an advocate of using technology specifically the use of open source software Edubuntu in early childhood education to reinforce learning. She introduced this in K2 classroom as her innovation project in 2013.

Teacher Sherilyn is also a staunch promoter of planning preschool curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the society. She integrates in her lesson those activities that teach children how to become a good member of the community at their age. This led her to do another innovation project in 2016 that encourage children to save water and advocate water conservation to adults.

Know her more in this interview conducted by LittleLives, Singapore’s No. 1 preschool management system.

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