Christmas wreath art and craft for preschoolers

Christmas season is around the corner! If you are tired making Christmas tree for art and craft lesson with your preschoolers every Christmas, try Christmas wreath!

Here are the easy steps to make a Christmas wreath with your preschool children:

1. Paint the side of the paper plate with Christmas colors (red or green). screenshot_20161215-202146

2. While letting the paint dry, allow your children to trace their hands on a green paper. Cut them after. screenshot_20161215-202234

3. When the paint on the paper plate is dry, cut its centre (leaving only its outer corner). Paste the green hands around the paper plate. screenshot_20161215-202644

4. Add a ribbon of either gold or silver color. screenshot_20161215-202620

5. Add paper candle at the centre of the wreath. Voila! There it is, your Christmas wreath!img_20161215_200457

Now, you have a Christmas ornament to hang on your door! Merry Christmas!


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