Be stressed-free at work: Say NO!


Stress at work is not brought by the work you do, but is brought by the people you are working with. The work you do is something that is controllable. You can put it aside and rest when you are tired, and work on it again when recharged. However, the people who surround you are uncontrollable. Some people who might be irritating to you will not stop when you tell them to stop. You can ignore them, but that is temporarily. They will always be there in their own way giving you stress.

We are in our job because we are competent and capable to do our jobs. If we cannot handle our job, then we have to think and rethink. We better resign if we cannot fulfill what we are expected to do. Unfortunately, there will always be people who are inefficient. It will be worst if they are your superior. If your leader or boss lack the skills to perform management duties or to do the task he/she is expected to do, then expect to be stressed. Why? Because you are doing work that you are expected to do plus you will be sharing some loads of work which your leader has failed to do. If you have a leader like this, you better get out from this job as soon as possible and find a new one with a functional leader. You will be happy working in a company where there is an effective management and leadership. After all, job is not all about money! What would you do with money if the place you are in is causing you stress more than happiness?

Aside from your boss, your other colleagues also contribute to your stress. There are colleagues who will ask you to do something. When you do not do it, they will report to your superior and say that you are not “cooperating” or you do not value “teamwork”. Sometimes, it will leave you thinking the real meaning of “cooperating” and “teamwork”. Does “cooperating” and “teamwork” mean “doing their work because they cannot do it”? Does that what “cooperate” mean? Does that what “teamwork” mean?

What will you do then if you have colleagues like these? The decision is yours, of course! But, here are my suggestions:

1. Stay in a company where there is effective leadership and management. If you have a leader with poor leadership and management skills, it will later on be stressful to you when the job he/she needs to accomplish are passed on to you. You cannot do anything with it but to go away. It is better to resign than to suffer everyday.

2. Know your job scope. You must know what duties and responsibilities you are expected to do in your job. You should know your job scope because this will be your basis in assessing whether you should take additional jobs given to you or not.

3. Learn to say “no”. You will have few colleagues who will take advantage of your kindness. They will enjoy doing light work, and give all the difficult task to you. Worse, the work that they cannot do, they will pass it to you. Say “no” if the work is too much for you. You are not paid to do their job.

4. Be firm. When you say “no”, they will insist what they like you to do. They will say it is the instruction from your superior. In this case, go again to your job scope. Tell them that you also need to do your work. If you are finish doing your work only then that you can accept additional work.

Do not be afraid to say “no”. As long as you have basis and your action is based on the rule set by the company, you have no reason to be afraid. Do you want to spend your time doing the work of others just because they failed to do their work? No, of course! Be stressed-free at work! Know your job scope, learn to say NO and be firm!



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