Activities to Do at Katapult

The common type of house in Singapore is HDB flat. Creating your own playground is a challenge. To address this issue, the government has build public playgrounds for children to use. However, if you want another place for your children to develop their gross motor skills, where can you go? Try trampoline at Katapult in Yishun!

At first, I thought the place was just purely for jumping. But I was wrong! There are a variety of activities to do. Here are the five stations you will see at Katapult:

  1. Jumping Station. I called this jumping station because each child will occupy one square and all they have to do is to jump up and down. screenshot_20161118-085212
  2. Shoot-that-Ball Station. In this station, the aim of the children is to shoot the ball in the basket. screenshot_20161118-085103
  3. Free Fall Station. The children can jump and fall on the cushioned ground hole. They can crawl or walk and climb up the elevated floor to start again. screenshot_20161118-084802
  4. Balancing Station. In this station, the children walk on a thin line while maintaining their balance. They can have a strong grip on the ball on top as they walk on the balancing line. screenshot_20161118-084647
  5. Group Jumping Station. The children can group themselves into three or four and jump together. It is fun for kids as they jump together with their friends! screenshot_20161118-084401

So, there you go! Now that you know the activities that can be done at Katapult, you may want to bring your children there to have some fun while at the same time doing activities that will develop their gross motor skills! Good luck!


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