Teacher’s Day Saga: The Beginning

Teachers will be celebrating World Teacher’s Day on the 5th of October. Let me partake in this momentous event by reliving the memories I had with my teachers since my childhood days and the teachers who had greatly influenced my life as a teacher.

Allow me to start thanking my elementary teachers. But before that, I would like to thank my mother who served as my first teacher. I could still recall the time she was teaching me how to write my name. I was one of those children who would write letter “e” on the other way. Everytime she showed me how to write letter “e”, I would say “I know! I know!” and then, grabbed the pencil. When I wrote the letter, it was still on the opposite side. I could not recall how it ended, but this is what I am sure of, my mother have been my very patient teacher!

Now, let me start thanking my elementary teachers…

Thank you to Ma’am Nelia and Ma’am Ignacio, my daycare and kindergarten teachers! Thank you for teaching me to draw and color. Thank you for allowing me to play. Thank you for teaching me the basics.

Thank you to Ma’am Jerus, my grade one teacher! Thank you for polishing my reading skills. I remember that Ma’am Jerus always let us stay before going home time to read words with those who needed help in reading.

Thank you to Ma’am Maglente, my grade two teacher. Thank you for teaching us folk dancing and inculcating in us to love our own culture. This is a shame to admit… But, when I was in grade two, I thought that for fill-in-the-blank exams, if the blank was long, the answer should be long. Funny me!

Thank you to Ma’am Collamar, my grade three teacher. I remember I got zero mark in Music. Then, I was crying all the way to our home. It was my mother who consoled me and told me everything was okay.

Thank you to Ma’am Tan, my grade four teacher. She would always read stories to us. She allowed us to express our creativity by letting us come up with actions for poems. On top of that, she had difficult spelling list prepared for us to learn every week.

Thank you to Ma’am Bradecina, my grade five teacher. She honed our skills in Music. Though, sometimes, she would instruct me to stop singing as I was out of tune.

Thank you to Ma’am Abada, my grade six teacher. She also developed our creativity by allowing us to show and discover our talent every afternoon.

Also, I would like to thank my Math subject teachers: Ma’am Merioles and Ma’am Reyes. Thank you for imparting your Mathematical skills and knowledge to us. Thank you to my Home Economics subject teachers: Ma’am Rubia and Sir Rapsing. Thank you for allowing us to acquire knowledge and skills through practical experiences.

Thank you to all of you! I could not find any other teachers better than you. You were the best! Happy Teacher’s Day!


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