Teacher’s Day Saga: The Continuation

It was high school days when my potential was polished by the great teachers I had. They brought out the best in me and equipped me with necessary skills that would be beneficial for me in facing the future.

On this World Teacher’s Day, allow me to thank all my high school teachers. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. Wherever I am and whatever I will be in the future, you will forever be a big part of it.

I would like to thank my first year adviser, Sir Franco, who had been a very good homeroom teacher to us. He always gave us advise when we did something wrong. He was also a great Philippine History teacher. That’s one of the reasons I love to travel… I like to see right before my eyes what I learned and saw in the book. Thank you also to my subject teachers: Ma’am Cadiz (Filipino), Ma’am Evangelista (English), Ma’am Yap (General Science), Ma’am Sto Domingo (THE), Sir Ramos (Math), Sir Heric (Computer), Sir Lito (Values) and Ma’am Vivian (P.E. and Music).

Thank you to Ma’am Ramos, our second year adviser. She was also our Math Teacher. With her good knowledge in Math, I developed my Math skills especially in Algebra. I also would like to thank my sophomore subject teachers: Ma’am Dela Cruz (Filipino), Ma’am Francy (English), Ma’am Ebio (Biology), Ma’am Sailago (THE), Ma’am Josue (Asian History), Ma’am Reverente (Values) and Sir and Ma’am Manaloto (P.E. and Music).

Thank you to Sir Lito Cedillo, my awesome adviser when I was in Junior High School. At the same time, he was our Values Education teacher who instilled in us the value of helping others. Also, thank you to my subject teachers: Ma’am Vivian (Filipino), Ma’am Francy (English), Ma’am Franco (Chemistry), Ma’am Dalanon (THE), Ma’am Fe Caluna (Math), Sir Etcobanez (World History) and Sir Azares (P.E. and Music).

Thank you to our Fourth Year Adviser, Sir Ariel Rosas. He was also our Values Education teacher. Thank you Sir Rosas for guiding us during our last year in high school. Allow me to thank as well my Senior Year subject teachers: Ma’am Infornon (Filipino), Sir Evangelista (English), Ma’am Dadulla (Physics), Sir Voltaire (THE), Sir Delavin (Math), Ma’am Lim (Economics) and Sir Yray (P.E. and Music).

Special thanks to our Principals, Ma’am Valdemoro and Ma’am Daep. Thank you also to Ma’am Belen Jazul, our Supreme Student Government adviser and to Sir Baldeo, our Citizen’s Army Training teacher!

Thank you to all the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious teachers of Aroroy National High School that we had! May you never get tired developing the fullest potentials of Aroronians! On this day, allow me again to greet you a HAPPY WORLD TEACHER’S DAY!


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