Seoul should be your next destination!

It has been a year since my first visit to Seoul. South Korea was the first country I wanted to visit 10 years ago. Yet, I visited the place after nine years of dreaming to be there.

What I liked the most during my stay in Korea were food and shopping. I like Korean food. My favorite is japche. I like Korean fashion and cosmetics. Korea is probably one of the countries I would always love to visit again and again.

Seoul is the second largest city in the world, next to Tokyo. If you are going to study its train station, it looks like roots of a tree or vines that intertwine with one another. But still, it is easy to decipher.

When in Seoul, don’t miss visiting their five palaces… Don’t miss wearing their traditional costume… Don’t miss eating their sumptuous food… Don’t miss saying “anyonghaseyo” to greet their people…

Seoul should be your next destination! Check the best place to stay here.



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