Teacher’s Day Saga: The Finale

In my two previous posts, I have expressed my gratitude to my previous teachers: in elementary or primary school and in high school or secondary school.

This time around, I will thank all the teachers I met who are an inspiration to me and have been a positive influence in my teaching career.

First on my list are the teachers of Centre for International Education, where I worked right after my University graduation. I am very thankful that I landed in this company where I met professional and capable teachers. Teachers who not only impart knowledge, but most of all, touch each and every single heart of their students.

I would like to express my special thanks to Teacher Yvette, (my first teaching partner) from whom I learned some exam techniques. She was good when it comes to disciplining children, and at the same time, developing children’s singing and dancing skills.


Thank you to Teacher Saida, the best English Teacher I have ever met. She was always available everytime I referred or ran to her for anything related to English teaching. I have learned a lot from her some techniques and new knowledge on teaching technical English.


Thank you to Teacher Mae for showing that teachers do not only teach knowledge, but also showers students and parents with words of wisdom. When something went wrong, she would immediately talk to the child. Not as simple as that, but she heartily gave advices to children, parents and fellow teachers.


Most of all, I am thankful to the “no-adjective-can-ever-describe” Headmaster of CIE – the greatest Teacher Anne! She was a Superwoman who could do everything! I am very thankful that I was under her leadership.


Special thanks to Teacher Nelia, the owner of the school. Thank you for building the school who produces not only good students but also training teachers to be the best they can be.


Thank you to all teachers I met in CIE and became my friends… It will be very long if I enumerate you all, but you know who you are. (I might miss out some so I’d rather not enumerate… Lol!)

To all the great teachers I met in my almost ten years of teaching: my high school batchmates who are now teachers, FLCD coursemates, Bentley classmates, previous and current colleagues…

Happy World Teacher’s Day!


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