“The Happy Egg” by Ruth Krauss

“The Happy Egg” is a story about a bird inside the egg who cannot do anything except to be sat on. Then one day, the egg popped! Out came a bird who can do almost anything!

Book Title: The Happy Egg

Author: Ruth Krauss

Central Topic/Theme: egg, bird


There is a little bird inside an egg. He cannot do anything, except to be sat on. One day, the egg hatched. Out came a bird. The bird can walk, sing and fly.

Questions to ask

  1. Why do you think the book was entitled “The Happy Egg”?
  2. Do you like to have a pet bird? Why?
  3. What can the bird do?
  4. How will you take care of the bird?
  5. If you will have a pet bird, what will you name it?

Extension activities

  • Egg Shell Mosaic. Create a mosaic using egg shell.
  • “Bird” Song and Dance. Play the song “Once I Saw a Little Bird”. Let the children sing and dance.
  • Egg Experiment. Show the children how an egg can bounce by doing an egg in vinegar experiment. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2pHhNPEmM

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