“Ten Eggs in a Nest” by Marilyn Sadler

“Ten Eggs in a Nest” is a book you can provide to a child who is an advanced reader. This is quite an enjoyable story to read with an integration of Math in it!

Book Title: Ten Eggs in a Nest

Author: Marilyn Sadler

Central Topic/Theme: counting/numbers, chicken


Gwen was very excited to be a mother hen. Red Rooster was very excited, too, to be a father hen. When Gwen laid eggs, Red Rooster asked Gwen the number of eggs that she laid. Gwen did not answer her because to her, it’s a bad luck to count the hen before they hatched. How many eggs do you think did Gwen lay?

Questions to ask

  1. Who are the characters in the story?
  2. Why were the number of eggs not revealed by Gwen?
  3. What food did Red Rooster get for the baby chicks?
  4. Aside from worms, what other food do you think can baby chicks eat?
  5. Do you think the baby chicks can eat the salad eaten by Gwen? Why?

Extension activities

  • Number Addition up to Ten. Let your child add two digit numbers with the sum of up to ten. Depending on your children’s ability, you may provide them with counters for them to visualize the answer.
  • Chick’s Food Simple Research. Allow children to do a simple research on what food can chicks eat. They can find the answer by sharing their own experience, interviewing adults or checking the internet with adult’s assistance. Let the children present their answers through a mind map.
  • Chick Art and Craft. Create a chick art and craft using colored paper and other recycled materials.

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