“Fidgety Fish” by Ruth Galloway

“Fidgety Fish” is a story about a fish who likes to fidget. What do you think his mom did when he kept on squiggling and wriggling all over their place? Watch the video and find out!

Book Title: Fidgety Fish

Author: Ruth Galloway

Central Topic/Theme: sea creatures, fidgeting


Tiddler is a fidgety fish who keeps on squiggling and wriggling all over the cave. Her mother decides to send him out to the sea until he is tired. But, his mom warns him of the Big Fish.

When Tiddler comes to a big, deep cave, he becomes curious. So, he goes in and suddenly, he is trapped. He does not know that it is not a cave, it is the stomach of the Big Fish! Tiddler starts to fidget, and the Big Fish tummy begins to grumble and rumble.

Questions to ask

  1. Who are the characters in the story?
  2. Why did Tiddler’s mother send him to the see?
  3. What sea creatures did he see when he was out from their cave?
  4. How did Tiddler escape from the tummy of the Big Fish?
  5. If you were Tiddler, would you go in in that “cave”? Why?

Extension activities

  • Vocabulary Building. Unlock the word “fidgety”. Let children express what they know about the word. Give the definition of “fidget” or “fidgety”. Allow children to create a sentence using the word “fidget” or “fidgety”.
  • Sea Creatures diorama. Identify the sea creatures in the story. Create a diorama of these sea creatures with the children.
  • Body Movement Exercises. Play a song and let the children wriggle and twist according to the beat or rhythm of the song.

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