How to cook Filipino beefsteak or bistek

One thing that I like about beefsteak or bistek is its sauce. When eating rice, you can pour the beefsteak sauce all over, and that’s it! You can eat rice with the sauce and nothing else.

Beefsteak needs a few ingredients and it is easy to prepare.

Here are the ingredients needed when cooking Filipino beefsteak or bistek:

  • beef
  • soy sauce
  • lemon
  • pepper
  • onion
  • garlic
  • water
  • cooking oil

Here are the procedures in cooking Filipino beefsteak or bistek:

  • Marinate beef in the pepper, soy sauce and lemon for at least a hour.
  • Heat the pan and add cooking oil.
  • When the cooking oil is hot, saute onion.
  • After sauteing the onion, take the beef (from the mixed pepper, soy sauce and lemon) and fry them together.
  • Next, remove the beef and onion from the pan.
  • Add more oil if needed. Saute garlic.
  • When the garlic turns brown, add the onion until it softens.
  • Pour the remaining marinade (mixed of pepper, lemon and soy sauce) in the pan.
  • Add a bit of water.
  • Bring it to boil.
  • Add the beef you cooked with onions.
  • Cover the pan and cook the beef until it softens.
  • Add pepper to taste.
  • Decorate your beefsteak by adding onions on it.

Enjoy your beefsteak!


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