Five places to visit in Helsinki, Finland

Finland is among the best country in the world. It is the happiest country in the world and is the best country in the world in terms of human well-being.

If you are travelling to Helsinki, here are the five places you should not miss:

1. Helsinki Cathedral, also known as St Nicholas Church. Helsinki Cathedral is a main landmark in the city. It is a Lutheran cathedral of the diocese of Finland that was built in the 80’s as a tribute to Tsar Nicholas 1 of Russia, the Grand Duke of Finland.


2. Uspenski Cathedral. Uspenski Cathedral is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and it is the main cathedral of the Orthodox Church in Finland. It is said to be the largest orthodox church in Western Europe.


3. Ateneum Art Museum. Ateneum Art Museum is one of the three museums forming the Finnish National Gallery and has the biggest classical art collection in the country.


4. Market Square. Market Square is the place where the Finns sell fresh food and souvenirs. It is also a famous place since this is where people take the ferry to Suomenlinna.


5. Old Market Hall. Old Market Hall is the first indoor hall in Helsinki selling meat products, eggs, butter, cheese and garden produce. It has been serving its customers since 80’s.



2 thoughts on “Five places to visit in Helsinki, Finland”

  1. Hello.

    Great post. Thank you. Yes, these are worth for a visit and there are of course many more. This is one of my favorites in Helsinki. Few tourists know and visit:

    Lesser-known Helsinki

    In summer, the best place is the Biggest island of Helsinki. These you can meet in the forest a Dinosaur:

    Unknown Helsinki 3

    Guess, if tourists visit this beautiful part of Helsinki. Happily, there are tourist, which check local bloggers posts and find something new, which official pages do not tell.

    Happy and safe travels!


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