Blin with luncheon meat and crème fraîche

Blin, or blini (plural), is a Russian pancake. It is a thin pancake that is usually topped with caviar, butter and other garnishes.

The ingredients needed in making blin are somewhat similar to the ingredients needed when cooking the regular pancakes. The only difference is blin is made from wheat or buckwheat flour. However, in my blin recipe, I made a modification by using all purpose flour instead of wheat or buckwheat flour.

Here are the ingredients I used in making blin:

  • all-purpose flour (wheat or buckwheat flour is recommended)
  • baking powder
  • milk
  • egg
  • butter
  • vanilla

The procedure in making blin is the same as when cooking the regular pancake. However, for you to get a thin pancake, you have to pour a bit of batter and then scatter it around by moving the pan.

Once blin is ready, you may garnish it with crème fraîche or sour cream, mozzarella or cream cheese and add it with caviar, smoked salmon or other types of meat you would want to try with your blin.

For my blin, I topped it with crème fraîche and luncheon meat. I also tried to garnish it with mozzarella and luncheon meat. I prefer the first combination though.

What I like about blin is its thin feature. I can savor the tastes of its toppings.

Enjoy your blin! Happy cooking!



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