How to cook “ginataang halu-halo”

“Ginataang halu-halo” is a Filipino food that is made from a variety of root crops with coconut milk and sugar. It is eaten during “merienda” or afternoon snack.

Here are what you need in cooking “ginataang halu-halo”:

  • saging na saba
  • yam (ube)
  • sweet potato (kamote)
  • pearl (sago)
  • sugar (asukal)
  • coconut milk

Below is the procedure to follow when cooking “ginataang halu-halo”:

  1. Peel all root crops and banana. Then, cut them.
  2. Put water and coconut milk in a pot and bring them to boil.
  3. Add the sweet potato and yam.
  4. Add “saging na saba” later.
  5. Add pearl (Note: Boil pearl separately and mix with the other ingredients when it is already cooked).
  6. Add sugar to taste.

To know if it is already cooked, take a sample of each ingredient and bite them. When the ingredients are no longer hard, that means “ginataang halu-halo” is ready to be served.


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