N95 mask or surgical mask?

A mask is usually worn if you are not feeling well. Either you have cough or runny nose, it is advisable for you to wear a mask. Mask will cover your mouth and nose if you are unwell, which prevents you from splattering your saliva or mucus to others.

Which type of mask should be used against virus?

Surgical mask is recommended to be worn than the N95 mask. Surgical mask can help block large particles that can splatter into someone. It reduces saliva exposure to others if you wear a mask when feeling unwell.

N95 mask can be dangerous and should be worn with caution. It is tight when worn, and therefore, can suffocate people.

To make yourself safe and others as well, it is suggested for you to wear a mask when you are feeling unwell. It will help stop the virus from spreading. Stop the virus! Wear a mask!




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