China’s recent measures against Wuhan virus

China is grappling its fight against Wuhan virus with increasing number of infected cases each day. As of 26 January, it has recorded 1, 985 cases with 56 deaths and 49 cured.

China’s National Health Commission shared live updates to the public about the coronavirus outbreak situation on 26 January. It shared its recent measures to be taken to defeat the virus. One challenge identified in their battle against the virus is the lack of medical staff in Wuhan City. China will be sending 900 medical staff and 1, 200 medical personnel to aid Hubei Province. Wuhan City also lack medical facilities, and so, two new hospitals will be built and are expected to be fully operational on the first week of February.

China has restricted car entry to Wuhan except for permitted emergency vehicles. Some municipalities and provinces have suspended public transportation. Shanghai has cancelled cruise trips that depart from its ports. Health screening will be done to passengers and travelers crossing China border are to fill out a health declaration form.

Wuhan virus in china

China officials are optimistic that if these measures will be implemented effectively, it will restrict the spread of the virus. We wish the same, too! We hope that the number of cases will decline and the infected people will be cured as soon as possible.


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