Preventive measures put in place by countries with confirmed cases of Wuhan virus

Wuhan virus, a virus under the coronavirus family, has been transmitted from animals to humans in Wuhan, China. Now, it is spreading from person to person. The number of cases in China continues to rise with over 1, 400 confirmed cases and 40 plus deaths recorded as of 25 January. Wuhan virus is spreading around the globe as well due to the travelers who have traveled to and from China. There are 14 countries now with confirmed cases of Wuhan virus.

Countries with coronavirus cases are China, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, France), Japan, South Korea, Macau, Vietnam, Australia, Nepal, and US.

What are some safety measures that these countries have put in place to prevent the spread of Wuhan virus?


  • Imposed lockdown in Wuhan and two neighboring cities
  • Suspension of public transport in 10 cities
  • Closing temples
  • Construction of a new hospital to treat those who are infected
  • Temporary closure of Forbidden City, Shanghai Disneyland and a section of the Great Wall


  • Systematic monitoring and separating of arriving passengers
  • Introduced thermal scans at the international airport and hospitals


  • Schools will be closed until 17 February. Universities may be extended, too.
  • Stopped inbound and outbound flights and high-speed rail trips from Hongkong to Wuhan and vice versa
  • Closure of Hongkong Disneyland and Ocean Park from 26 January until further notice


  • Expanded temperature screening at Changi Airport and suspected cases will be referred to hospitals for further assessment
  • Issued Health Advisory Notices and posted Health Advisory Posters
  • Advised travelers to monitor their health closely for two weeks upon their return to Singapore. See a doctor if they are feeling unwell and inform the doctor of their travel history. Travelers showing symptoms of Wuhan virus such as fever, cough or shortness of breath should wear a mask and call the clinic before they visit


  • Cancelled direct flights between Wuhan and Taiwan


  • Malaysia airport is working closely with the Ministry of Health to screen international passengers at its airports, including carrying out thermal screening and allocating special medical bays for quarantine purposes
  • Has designated several hospitals across the country to handle Wuhan virus cases and prepared isolation wards


  • Plans to evacuate its nationals from Wuhan
  • Precautionary measures are being taken on direct flights from Wuhan
  • Posters with advice on how to avoid spreading the virus have been distributed in international airports nationwide


  • Additional screening measures was put in place

South Korea

  • Strong measures of quarantine in the airport
  • Travelers with symptoms of Wuhan virus should report to Korea Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
  • Issued travel warnings to Wuhan
  • Temporary suspension of flights to Wuhan


  • Casino staff are required to wear masks
  • Travelers arriving at entry ports would be required to fill out health declaration forms. Temperature check will also be conducted
  • Frequent cleaning of the bus stops, taxi stands and wet markets


  • Isolation of visitors from China


  • Started to screen passengers arriving from Wuhan
  • Information pamphlet will be given to passengers and they will be asked to present themselves if they have a fever or suspect they may have the disease
  • Travel advisory for Wuhan to urge Australians to reconsider traveling to the city


  • Seek health information from all passengers traveling from China into Nepal


  • Passengers from Wuhan to the United States will be allowed to land in one of the five US airports screening for the virus
  • Raised travel warning to Wuhan
  • Scientists are trying to create a new vaccine for the virus
  • To evacuate consulate staff from Wuhan

The government for each country is doing their part to prevent the spread of Wuhan virus. Citizens are advised to heed to these safety measures. Also, each one is encouraged to do their own precautionary measure such as washing hands for twenty seconds or putting on sanitizer and wearing a mask. Most of all, stay calm!

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