Taking a flight from JB to Manila, and not (the usual) SG to Manila

Have you tried booking for a flight somewhere and you find it too expensive? If you are an adventurous person, you might want to try taking a flight from a nearby airport to your destination.

Air fare to the Philippines from Singapore could skyrocket during the holiday season. So, I tried to look for plane ticket from JB out of curiosity. Below is the pros and cons of taking a flight from JB:

– Ticket price is a bit cheaper as compared with the ticket price in SG (around 150sgd cheaper)

– Good if you want new experience

– May consume time

If you decide to take a flight from JB to your destination, make sure that you allot more time as there can be congestion both in the immigration and on the street.

This was the time I spent when I took a flight to JB:

6:10 am – left the house

6:50 am – waited for the bus

7:05 – boarded the bus from Kranji to Woodlands Checkpoint

7:30 – Reached Woodlands immigration

8:23 – Boarded bus to JB Sentral/Malaysian immigration

8:36 – Reached Malaysian immigration

9:05 – Cleared Malaysian immigration

9:25 – Took taxi

9:54 – Arrived Senai Airport

The taxi from JB Sentral to Senai airport would cost around 55 Malaysian ringgit.

With all of the above information, it is for you to decide whether it is worth it to take a flight out of SG. As for me, why not? It’s good to try something new, something different!