Be considerate when driving a car during volcanic eruption

There are many articles that provide tips on how an individual can stay safe during volcanic eruption. However, there is only a few article giving advice to the drivers on how to drive their vehicles during the eruption. Hope that this article will be of help!

You think you are safe when you are in your car when the eruption happens? Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe yes, because you are in a closed area. Maybe not, because sooner or later, your car will be covered with ash.

When there is volcanic eruption and you are driving a car, keep calm. Some of us may go hysterical especially if this phenomenon is new to us or something we have not experienced yet. Please do not panic. It will worsen the situation. Relax. Do not speed up your vehicle. Be considerate of others!

Below is an infographic of what you should do when you are driving your car during volcanic eruption:

Be Considerate

Just to repeat:

  1. Slowly run your car. Do not drive your car at a fast speed. Run it at 35MPH or slower. Be considerate. Driving your car quickly can stir ash and may lead to poor visibility. It harm or cause accident to yourself or others.
  2. Switch off your car engine. Driving will stir up ash that can clog vehicles and make the car stop.
  3. Do not use your car aircon. If you have to drive your car, keep the car windows close and do not operate the car’s air conditioning system as it will bring in air and ash.

Again, please be considerate of others. Slowly drive your car for everyone’s safety!

Hope that you got something from this article! If you think it is beneficial and will help others, please do share it.

If you want to read more about five things to do during volcanic eruption, visit this link.


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