How to make Rangoli with your children

Rangoli is a form of art that originated in India. It is usually made by women during Deepavali celebration or other Hindu festivals. To make this, patterns are made on the floor using materials like colored sand, colored rice or flower petals.

Here are the materials you will need and the procedure you will do when making a Rangoli with your child:


  • contact paper
  • colored sand
  • crepe paper


  1. Draw a pattern on the contact paper.
  2. Remove the paper and turn over the contact paper to the side that sticks.
  3. Tear and roll crepe paper and stick it on the sticky part of the contact paper. You may use the crepe paper for outline.
  4. Pour colored rice on each shape. Press to ensure that they stick.

This is how the finish design of your Rangoli should look like:

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