“There’s a Bear on My Chair” by Ross Collins

“There’s a bear on my chair” is a funny story about a bear and a mouse. Listen to it and surely you’ll have a good laugh!

Book Title: There’s a Bear on My Chair

Author/Illustrator: Ross Collins

Central Topic/Theme: rhyming words, humorous


The mouse wanted to sit on his chair. However, there’s a bear sitting on his chair. No matter how he lured the bear, it went to despair. What would the mouse do?

Questions to ask

  1. What was the problem of the mouse in the story?
  2. How did he solve his problem?
  3. What will you do if there is a bear sitting on your chair?

Extension activities

  • Make a mouse craft.
  • Sing the song “We’re going on a bear hunt”.
  • Choose two rhyming words from the story and use it in a sentence.

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