“Be brave little one” by Marianne Richmond

“Be brave little one!” is a book that has a good message for everyone irregardless of whichever age you are in! It encourages everyone to face life with bravery!

Book Title: Be Brave, Little One!

Author/Illustrator: Marianne Richmond

Central Topic/Theme: bravery, courage


The character in the story shows various ways on how to be brave. That includes being brave to explore what is unknown, being brave to show different kinds of feelings and being brave to be quiet or to be loud.

Questions to ask

  1. What does it mean to be brave?
  2. Are you brave?
  3. If there is something you want to do (that requires bravery), what will it be?

Extension activities

  • Let the children show off their talents.
  • Complete the sentence “I can…”.
  • Sing the song “Someone’s Waiting for You”.

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