“We’re All Wonders” by R. J. Palacio

“We’re All Wonders” is a book that encourages everyone to look and treat each other with kindness.

Book Title: We’re all wonders

Author/Illustrator: R. J. Palacio

Central Topic/Theme: uniqueness, diversity, differences, kindness


The character in the story is different from others in the way he looks. He wishes others to change the way they see in order to see how wonderful he is despite how different he looks. Look with kindness and you will always find with wonder!

Questions to ask

  1. Is the boy the same with others? What make him different?
  2. What did the other children do when they saw him? Was it right to do it?
  3. If you have a friend like him, what would you do?

Extension activities

  • Complete the sentence “I am a wonder because…”.
  • Conduct a team-building activity with a group of children.
  • Sing the song “Hello to all the children of the world”.

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