Jackson Pollock’s Drip Painting

Jackson Pollock is an American painter who is famous for his unique way of producing art, which is pouring and splashing household paint, known as drip painting.

Materials needed

  • drawing paper
  • paint brush
  • paint
  • mat (to be placed under the paper while painting)
  • apron


  • Let your child suggest the colors she wants to use in her artwork.
  • Allow her to dip the paint brush on the paint and splash it on the paper.
  • Encourage your child to  experiment with different types of brushes (thick and thin).
  • Let it dry when finished.
  • When it is already dry, decorate the art work in your wall to let your child see the fruit of her labor.

It is always fun to do art work with young children. It may be messy, but it is all worth it because they are able to experience the goodness of doing art. Remember that for young children, it is not the product that is being focused, but the process! No matter how beautiful there work is, if they are not the one who did it, it is nothing! However, if they are the ones who did it, even though it is not so nice, it is still wonderful because they did it on their own. There is a lot of learning happening in that!


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