“Amelia Bedelia” by Peggy Parish

A funny story on how the main character takes figures of speech and different terms literally. It is a good story to read when your class is learning about homonyms. This book is appropriate for children six years old and above.

Book Title: Amelia Bedelia

Author/Illustrator: Peggy Parish/Fritz Siebel

Central Topic/Theme: Homonyms


Mr and Mrs Rogers left Amelia Bedelia of list of things to do before they went out. One thing to do from the list is to “change towels in the green bathroom”. What Amelia Bedelia did instead of removing the towels and putting a new one was she took scissors and cut the green towels to have that “change”. Find out what other hilarious things did Amelia Bedelia did by reading the whole story!

Questions to ask

  1. What are the things that Amelia Bedelia need to do?
  2. Did she do what was in the list correctly? What does Mr and Mrs Rogers mean with the list they wrote?
  3. What did Mr and Mrs Rogers feel when they arrived home? Were they happy of what Amelia Bedelia did?

Extension activities

  • Role play of what Amelia Bedelia should do for each item in the list.
  • List out at least five homonyms and use them in a sentence.
  • Write a list of things to do for Amelia Bedelia.

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