How many days to allot in Sapa, Vietnam

There are many tourists who visit Sapa because of its beautiful scenery, which involves a mountain range, hills and rivers. If you are a person who loves something cultural, you will love visiting this place, too, as there are eight ethnic minorities who lives in Sapa such as the H’mong, Tay, Dao, Giay, Hoa and Xa Pho.

Since you have decided to go to Sapa, your question now is “How many days shall I spent in Sapa?” Determining how many days in Sapa you should stay is purely dependent on what activities you want to do. Basically, there are three major things that you should do or see in Sapa. These are the following:

Climb Mount Fansipan

Climbing Mount Fansipan takes about one to three days. There is another way how you can get to Mount Fansipan, and that is by taking a funicular train and a cable car. Hiking Mount Fansipan costs at least 2, 000, 000 VND while taking a train and cable car costs 800, 000 VND.

Trek with a local guide from an ethnic minority to their village

Trekking to tribal villages in Sapa also takes around one to three days. One day trekking costs around 550, 000 VND. The trekking starts at 8:30am and ends at 3pm. The local tour guide will pick you up in your hotel at 8:30am, then the walk of around 10km begins. Along the way, you will see view of hills, mountains, rivers and rice terraces. You will reach the Hmong village around 12 noon, and here you will have your lunch. After lunch, the local guide will bring you to a house to show what Hmong people do and how they live. Then, you will have your short trek again and reach the place where the transportation awaits to bring you to the Sapa Town Centre. By 3pm, you will already be in your hotel.

If you choose two-day trekking, then you will stay one night in one of the houses in the village. Then, you start your trek where you will meet the Tay people. If you go for three-day trekking, you will stay again another night in one of the houses in a village. On the last day, you will continue your trek and see the Dao people before you go back to Sapa Town Centre.

Aside from the two things listed above, there are other few things to see and do in Sapa such as visiting Catcat Village, Love Market, Bac Ha Market and others. However, those two are the primary things to do when visiting Sapa. In order to enjoy exploring Sapa, you need to have at least three days.

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