Ways to reach Mount Fansipan

Mount Fansipan, or popularly known as Phan Xi Pang, is the highest mountain in Indochina with a height of 3, 143 metres. Being the tallest mountain, it is nicknamed “The Roof of Indochina”.

There are two ways on how you can reach Mount Fansipan from Sapa. Here are those:

By hiking

It takes about one to three days to hike from Sapa to the top of Mount Fansipan. It is a strenuous climb reaching the Mount Fansipan’s summit. If you are very strong and healthy, you can finish the climb in one day. Otherwise, the suggested number of days to hike Mount Fansipan is two to three days.

By cable car and train

If you do not want to undergo the rigorous hike to the summit of Mount Fansipan, then you can take the cable car and train to the top of the mountain. The costs for two-way ticket is around 800, 000 Vietnam Dong or 35 USD.


Upon payment, a funicular train will take you from Sapa Station to Muong Hoa Station for 5 to 6 minutes. After that, a shuttle service will take you uphill to transfer to a cable car. If you do not want to wait for the shuttle service, then you may walk for 3 to 5 minutes. There is a nice view along the way as you walk. Before taking the cable car, you may also stop by at this area and stroll around.


When you get into the cable car, it takes 20 minutes to reach Mount Fansipan from Muong Hoa Station. The cable car in Mount Fansipan is a world record breaker! It holds two Guiness World Records for the longest non-stop three-rope cable car in the world and the greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three-roped cable car.


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