Five things every new teacher should know

Teaching is a rewarding career. It is rewarding not in the monetary sense, but rewarding because you are able to help your students to learn and discover what they can do and how they can improve. Sometimes, teaching can be challenging. Below are the five things you should know if you are embarking in a teaching career as a new teacher:

1. Show that you can handle the class.

Since now that you are a full-fledge teacher and is deployed in the classroom to take care of a group of fifteen students or more, show that you can handle the job. Don’t advertise your inexperience by saying “I don’t know”. In case there are things that you do not know, learn it on your own or ask advice from more experienced teachers. Again, do not show that you cannot handle the job. Always show you are capable to do it!

2. Start setting rules on the first day.

In order to have an effective classroom management, you have to start setting rules on the first day and be consistent in implementing those each and everyday. Have a minimum of three rules and a maximum of five rules. Having three to five rules will be easy for the children to remember. Be ready to explain to the children why it is important to follow rules. The book “That rule doesn’t apply to me” is a good book to show to children why it is necessary to have rules.

3. Smile and be friendly to your students.

Show your smile and be friendly to your students. Being friendly does not mean that you will tolerate their wrong doings. Be friendly to them to have a warm and loving relationship, but also know when to apply “tough love” to correct their undesirable behavior.

4. Avoid confrontations in front of other students.

Sometimes, it is unavoidable that we may have misunderstanding with our colleagues. Do not show your bickering in front of the students. We are teaching students to behave properly but our actions are showing the opposite. Talk with your colleagues privately, away from the eyes of the students.

5. Get to know your colleagues and choose your friends wisely.

Aside from knowing your students, spend your time knowing your colleagues. Find friends who have the same values and interests as you. You may also be friends with the more experienced teachers so that you can learn from them. If you want to be a better teacher, then find friends who are committed and passionate about fulfilling their day-to-day job.


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