How to prepare for your child’s first day in Primary School

When our own child is entering a new chapter in their life, we feel mixed emotions. We may feel happy because entering a new phase means that they are growing and developing. At the same time, we may also feel anxious or worried because we do not know what is in store for them or what is going to happen.

Going to a Primary School is a new stage that our children have to go through. To ease your worry, below are some of the tips you might want to consider:

Before the first day of school:

1. Engage your child to buy school items he/she will be needing in school. If the school give a list of items to buy before the school year starts, share it with your child. Go to the store with him/her and allow him/her to take part in choosing the items he/she will be needing in school.

2. Do a pep talk with your child. Ask him/her questions like “Are you excited for the first day of school?”, “How many pupils do you think will there be in one class?”, “What activities will you be doing on your first day?”, etc. These questions are conversation starters. You may formulate your own questions depending on your child’s answers.

3. Give some tips or advices on what to do during the first day of school. We have been to primary school, our children have not. Therefore, we can share with them our own experiences. Share with them some tips also like “If you don’t know where the classroom is, do not be shy to ask around”, “Smile to your classmates and make friends with them”, “Greet your teachers”, etc.

4. Allow your child to pack all his/her things he/she will be needing on the first day of school. First, let him/her identify what he/she needs. Then, let him/her prepare the items and keep them in his/her bag. Finally, let him/her recheck whether he/she has all the items needed.

5. Let your child sleep early the night before the first day of school starts. Tell your child that he/she needs to come to school on time, so it will be good if he/she rests early. Allow him/her to set an alarm so that he/she will know that it is time to wake up.

During the first day of school:

1. Let your child wake up early, shower and have a good breakfast. Showering or taking a bath will make your child awake and feel fresh. Give him/her breakfast that will sustain his/her energy all throughout the day.

2. Bring your child to school. To make your child feel comfortable, walk or drive him/her to the school. Before he/she enters a totally new place with full of unfamiliar faces, it is good to have you first to give him/her the full support that he/she needs.

3. Repeat the tips or advices on how to make the most out of his/her first day in school. Minimize the tips to at most three. More than that is too many to remember.

4. Say goodbye with a kiss or a hug. Before you part ways, give him/her a kiss or a hug. Wish him/her good luck and tell him/her to enjoy the day!

After the first day of school:

1. Fetch your child. On the first day of school, it is better if he/she will see a familiar face waiting for him/her after school. Greet your child with a smile and you may kiss or hug him/her.

2. Ask him/her some questions. Let your child share his/her first day experience at school. Ask him or her: “How was your day?”, “What did you do today?”, “Did you enjoy?”, “Did you meet a new friend?”, etc. If your child was so enthusiastic while telling a story, that is good because it means that he/she did not encounter any problem. On the other hand, if he/she shares stories with sadness, allow him/her to share those worries. Then, assist him/her to solve problems to overcome those issues.

3. Congratulate your child. Tell your child that he/she is awesome! He/she has completed the first day of school. Give him/her a high five, a fist bump or any actions to show that you are proud of him/her for having surpassed the first day.


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