Temple of Literature: Vietnam’s first national university

The Temple of Literature is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was built in 1070 during the time of Emperor Ly Thanh Thong. Known as the Imperial Academy, it is regarded as the first national university in Vietnam.

Uses to be the venue when offering ceremonies, conducting study sessions and administering exams, now this place is used to praise the Vietnamese traditional respect for teachers and learning.

With an area of 54, 331 square meters, the Temple of Literature houses five walled courtyards, a lake and a garden. The first two courtyards have formal planting and water features while the three other courtyards contain buildings and other important vertiges.

The picture below is the first courtyard. There is a gate, which leads to the second courtyard.

first courtyard.jpg

The second courtyard contains the Khue Van pavilion. It is a unique architectural work built in 1805 and is used as one of the symbols of present-day Hanoi.


The third courtyard contains the stelae of doctors. This was built by Emperor Le Thanh Tong to honour talent and encourage study. The names of students who were successful in their exams were written in these stelae.


The fourth courtyard is the ceremonial heart of the Temple of Literature. It has a front pavilion with two symmetrical dragons on top called Great Hall of Ceremonies.


The fifth courtyard houses the Imperial Academy constructed in 1076 through the order of Emperor Ly Nhan Tong.

To enter the Temple of Literature, there is an entrance fee of 30, 000 VND.

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