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“Lena’s Shoes are Nervous” by Keith Calabrese and Juana Medina

Is your child feeling nervous for her first day in school? This book is a good read!

Book Title: Lena’s Shoes are Nervous

Author/Illustrator: Keith Calabrese and Juana Medina

Central Topic/Theme: first day in school, nervous


Lena is excited for her first day at the Kindergarten. But, her shoes are nervous!… Oh no! What will she do?

Questions to ask

  1. Why do you think that the shoe is nervous?
  2. What would you feel when it’s your first day in school? Why?
  3. How will you prepare for your first day in school?

Extension activities

  • Make a shoe craft.
  • Do a tie-a-shoe activity.
  • Put your shoes of all sizes together and let the children find out the shoe size.

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Lena's shoes are nervous