Santa Claus Craft for Christmas

Santa Claus is one of the symbols of Christmas, and so, making a Santa Claus craft is a good activity to do with your preschool children.

The materials for this activity are accessible and easy to find. What you need are colored paper, pompom balls, cotton balls and colored pencils or markers.

Here are the steps on how to make an easy Santa Claus craft:

1. Let the children draw a hat on the red paper and cut it.

2. Allow the children to stick the “hat” on a circle-shaped paper.

3. Encourage children to draw eyes, nose and mouth on the circle-shaped paper to make it appear as Santa’s face. For variation, you may use moving eyes and pompom ball (for the nose) if you prefer children to paste items rather than to draw.

4. Let the children paste cotton balls around the chin and lower cheek of the “face”.

Santa Claus
Voila! Santa Claus is ready to come to town!

This activity is good for children from 4 to 6 years of age. However, you may want to use pre-cut shapes for younger groups as their fine motor skill is not yet fully developed for controlled cutting.


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