Five places to see in Seoul City Centre

Seoul, the capital and largest city in South Korea, receives millions of tourists annually. When visiting Seoul, here are the five places at the city centre that you should not miss:

Namsan Tower in Seoul

Nseoul Tower. This is also known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower. It is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain. This is the best place to be if you wish to see the cityscape view of Seoul.

Insadong. If you are an art lover, do not miss the opportunity to visit Insadong. You may find past and present artefacts here.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Dongdaemun Design Plaza is the newest icon in Seoul. It was inaugurated in 2014. Designed by an Iraqi-British architect named Zaha Hadid, it serves as a key venue for design-related shows and conferences, exhibitions, and other events and gatherings.

Myeongdong – a shopping centre in Seoul

Myeongdong. It is one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts. Aside from being famous as a shopping area, it is also the place where the Myeongdong Cathedral can be found.

Kwanjang Market – one of the oldest and largest markets in South Korea

Kwangjang Market. Also known as Gwangjang Market, this market was formerly called Dongdaemun Market. It is one of the oldest and largest markets in South Korea where you may buy famous traditional Korean cuisine such as mung bean pancakes and mayak gimbap.

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