Wanju Wild Food Festival: Have a glimpse of how food were cooked in the past

Wanju is a province in South Korea. It has a festival called Wanju Wild Food Festival, which showcases the rich culture of the city of Wanju. There were performances from different ethnic groups included in its program.

One important aim of the festival is to give visitors a glimpse of food, how it is cooked in the past through partaking in the diverse experiential food programs.


In the picture above, adults and children were both enjoying roasting some wild food to eat.

The guy in the above picture was showing how pizza is cooked in the past when oven was not invented yet.

In the above picture, the men covered raw eggs, sweet potatoes and other food with soil and put heat under until the food were cooked. The women then took the food and shared with the others for tasting.

How does it taste to munch these insects? Wanju will give you the experience you will never forget in your entire life!

Aside from these unique experiences, Wanju also boasts a wonderful scenery. The festival happens right at the center of a beautiful natural environment.

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