Six Palaces in Seoul: How Many Days to See Them?

There are six palaces in Seoul, however, one of them has already been converted into a museum. The five palaces that still remain as a palace are Gyeungbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changyeonggung, Deuksogung and Gyeonghuigung. The palace that has already been turned into a museum is Unhyeongung. To see all these six palaces, you need at least four days.

On the first day, you may visit the oldest and the biggest palace built by the Joseon dynasty. This palace is the Gyeungbokgung Palace.

On the second day, you may visit Changdeokgung Palace and Changyeonggung Palace. These two palaces are called East Palace because they are located east of Gyeungbokgung. They share the same garden known as Secret Garden or Huwon.

On the third day, you may visit Deuksugung Palace and Gyeonghuigung Palace. These two palaces are smaller palaces as compared to the other three palaces.

On the fourth day, you may visit Unhyeongung Palace. This former palace was the site for the last Royal wedding ceremony. A reenactment of King Gojong and Empress Myeongseong’s wedding takes place in the spring and fall of every year, a good opportunity for visitors to experience the spectacular and elegant traditional royal costumes and lifestyles of the Joseon dynasty.

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